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The Matthew Flinders Bring Him Home Group was established early in 2019 with the aim of influencing the return of Matthew Flinders' mortal remains to Donington for their final reinterrment. The Group is made up of local people from the Parochial Church Council; the Parish Council and others. The Group is also supportive of the Flinders display material in the Church and would like to raise funds to ensure the materials on display are continually updated.
They have created a 2020 Calendar of Flinders pictures from around the village - this is a high quality, keepsake Calendar containing 13 professional images - including the Flinders Statue in the Market Place; Flinders Park; Thomas Cowley High School - the school on the site where Flinders began his education - and many more. These Calendars are available in the village at the Library, in the Get-A-Head and Vanity Fayre Hair Salons and at the Church - or by contacting the group at Cost is £10 - or £12 incl P&P to anywhere in the UK; £17.50 to Australia. You can purchase below and we will mail it to you direct.

The Group also has a very active Facebook Page - LINK to Facebook!