Donington welcomes you all day, but most events will start from midday. See our timeline for finer details.
Absolutely, come join Donington to celebrate the return of Captain Matthew Flinders.  Only the church service is for previously balloted attendees.
The hearse is due to complete a slow drive through the village from Station Street Roundabout to Cowley Academy Sports Field, Quadring Road at about 1:45 to arrive in Church Street for about 2pm to parade to the Church.
Church service seating was balloted earlier this year, as the only fair way to offer attendance.  Without an invite then unfortunately attendance unavailable.
However, there is a Livestream in place on our YouTube channel, also shown in Flinders Park.
For the Service on Sunday 14th July - Church Doors will open at 10am to whoever wishes to attend until the Church is full. This will be a Holy Communion Service led by the Bishop of Grantham
We are showing the parade, service and presentations on our livestream service at our YouTube channel.  Search YouTube for Matthew Flinders Bring Him Home, or follow the link

The Party in the Park team are also showing the livestream in Flinders Park, look for the marquee.
Yes, approval has been granted for restrictions throughout the day, for everyone's safety. Signs are in place to show planned timings.  We understand the inconvenience this may cause and especially thank you for your patience on this historic day.

Church Street / Market Place will be closed from 10a.m until 6p.m, from 'Get ahead' hairdressers up to the Church Hall, with no access or exit during these times.
This will still leave access to Park Lane and Gleed Avenue on one side, and to the CO-OP and A52 on the other side.
Off Road parking on Church Street / Market Place will also be restricted, asking residents to park elsewhere from before 6a.m until after 6 p.m.  
For alternative parking for those residents, please contact the organisers through this website or on 

Church Lane will not have access to Church street from 10a.m until 6p.m, so will need to be entered and left from Browntoft Lane end instead.

High Street / Quadring Road will also be closed from the Flinders statue up to the Mill Lane junction.  This will also be from 10a.m to 6p.m to support safe access to the Flinders Party in the Park event.  

All Residents have received letters confirming what is happening and giving options for alternatives where required.
Around the outskirts of Donington there are various colour coded car parks being set up.  Invitees will have been advised of their specific parking, however for GENERAL PARKING please follow signs to the YELLOW car parks at the A52 / Northorpe Road site.  There will be parking volunteers to help you on arrival.
We strongly recommend using assigned car parks, but if parking elsewhere please do be considerate of residents and access.

Anyone approaching Donington from the South who would traditionally take the A16 / A152 route might find it would be easier  when they get to Spalding, to stay on the A16 towards Boston then take the  A17 towards Sleaford for a couple of miles then left onto A52 to Donington which will get them directly to the Car Parks -  circumnavigating the road closures will be difficult otherwise.

Although buses are not an option on the day, there are many taxi firms available in the local area.  There are road closures in Donington but a taxi will still be able to get within shouting distance of the main events.

Spalding area:
Spalding Taxis – 01775 722115
Smart Cabs – 01775 767676 – also have an app which works in a similar fashion to Uber.
Royal Taxis - 01775 714714

Boston area:
A1 Taxis – 01775 714545
Acorn Taxis – 01205 358358 – also have an app
Angels Taxis – 01205366366 
Abbey Taxis - 01205 353 333
Platinum Taxis - 01205 220004

For those wishing to travel during the week, either side of 13th/14th July there are bus services from Boston and Spalding.  Follow the link :-

We are expecting members of Lincolnshire Constabulary to be on Site throughout the day on 13th July.
Yes!  The Bell Ringing will be muffled so will make a duller sound than usual - this is traditional for a funeral - and we are delighted to have the team from Long Sutton to ring for us.
Yes there are toilets provided on the day. 
You will be able to find some in Flinders Park along side the main marquee. 
The public toilets near the junction of Church Street and Park Lane will also be open.
For invitees to the church there will also be separate toilets available on site.