Flinders was a humble explorer, naming nothing after himself, but in Australia today, Matthew Flinders' contribution to Australian history is recognised widely.
Many landmarks and streets are named after him, such as Flinders Bay, Flinders Ranges in South Australia, Flinders Street railway station in Melbourne, Flinders Chase National Park, and Flinders University to name but a few.

Memorials to his work are plenty in Australia – there are statues of him in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Donington in Lincolnshire, England, the birthplace of Flinders has a statue of him on the main street accompanied by his faithful friend, Trim. In addition, a large bronze statue of Matthew and Trim stands at Euston Railway Station in London, near where he was originally buried. A cast of the same statue is in Port Lincoln, South Australia, and another cast of the same statue is also at the Flinders University Campus in Adelaide. A smaller version is on display in Lincoln Cathedral in Lincolnshire.